Essay about Teaching High Poverty Students?

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1. According to what you read, describe at least three challenges that are unique to teaching high poverty students? The first challenge in teaching high poverty students is not to accept failures and never use diverse assumptions on students. According the article “ No Choice But Success,” it is important for teachers to never find excuses for students based on their background. This is easy to say but hard to do, with limited time and limited resources some teachers may blame students for their failures. For students from low income communities, they may not get the help at home, feel hungry when they come to school, or struggle with problems at home. It is easy for teachers to give up on poor students because they think there is only so much they can do. However with this mind set, the situation will only get worse. It is the teacher’s job to make sure that all students get the same opportunity to learn and succeed. Setting high expectations for every student, make sure students do their work and learn. I believe, except during school hours, teachers should always communicate with both students and parents, and offer the help they need. Show students that you care and they will respect you for that. I think the second challenge is to understand students from low income families and consider all factors. Students from low income communities have different life styles than students from middle class students. It is important for educators to consider all the…

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