Teaching Is A Complex And Demanding Profession Essays

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Teaching is a complex and demanding profession that requires intense dedication and passion. It is a profession where the responsibility is great, the potential for failure is significant and the remuneration small. Despite the tribulations of the job, teaching traditionally has offered its share of rewards. Finding ways to connect meaningfully with students, designing lessons that addresses students’ needs, and using one’s talents to improve the lives of others are the moral rewards that are embedded in the work. Rather than merely a job, some would regard teaching as a “calling” (Duke, 1984). Many teachers enter the profession inspired by an ethic of service and a mission to make a difference. Working with young minds and fostering the hopes and aspirations of the nation’s young people, leaves one with a sense of contributing to the future society.
As the American public continues to turn to our educational system to better prepare our children for an increasingly uncertain world, teachers are grappling with the growing uncertainties over what the job of teaching is suppose to entail. Ambiguity and insecurity epitomizes the discrepancy between expectation and reality that has come to characterize teaching for many teachers. As a result, research shows that many teachers are beginning to view their current work as unrecognizable in relation to their ideas of why they decided to go into teaching as a profession (Santora, 2011).
It is agreed that if this nation…

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