Teaching Is A Well Known Career Essay

1023 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
In the beginning, teaching was designed for women, it was one of the few careers they could have. Since the career was for women, teachers made less than most careers and wasn’t seen as very important. Still today, students don’t seem to value their education, acting out in class and towards teachers. Even some parents don’t value the education of their children, showing little to no support in school activities and not participating all together. Teaching is a well-known career. Although teaching is both a fulfilling and rewarding career, there are problems such as low wages, struggling with management of students, and the lack of support from both parents and school boards. Low wages can cause problems in both inside and outside of school. Did you know that teachers start with a lower pay than most other professions? Even though salary increases the longer they work and more experience they have, it doesn’t nearly increase the same as other careers. Education is one of the most valued things in society, yet the ones that choose to provide it get little to nothing for it. Most teachers could hardly make fifty-thousand a year, comparing this with other jobs, is low. Teachers work longer hours than most other professions, if you include grading papers at home as well as outside school activities. Teachers receive pay for scheduled work hours, so if they do things to help the school after school, it doesn’t benefit them. It seems like the school board doesn’t take…

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