Teaching Strategies For Physical Education Essay

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Various teaching strategies have been implemented during the planning of this lesson. Planning for physical education lessons ensures inclusion of all students, maximising academic learning time and minimising disruptions. Planning for the inclusion of students involves the use of several teaching strategies and learning experiences. Academic learning time can be maximised by minimising transition time and organising equipment. Disruptions can be minimised through keeping students engaged and behaviour management interventions. Through the use of these strategies, the teacher will have control over the direction of the lesson and meet the learning objectives.

This lesson meets the learning objectives through a variety of learning experiences, to teach offensive and defensive tactics, using the teaching styles of command, practice, inquiry, play practice, teaching games for understanding and cooperative learning. Offensive skills learned include improving throwing accuracy and looking for an open player to maintain possession of the ball. Defensive skills taught are attaining possession of the ball through close defence and interception. The command style of teaching, where the teacher instructs the rules of the game, and practice, when students begin to take control of decisions, is utilised in each activity (Callcott et al., 2015). Students receive the instruction, then discuss tactics they plan to use with teammates before the commencement of each activity. The…

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