Essay on Teaching Struggling Adolescent Readers

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Teaching Struggling Adolescent Readers How to Succeed in a Literacy Classroom

Jayme Swenson

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Research shows using direct/explicit instruction (Rupley, Blair, & Nichols, 2009) to teach specific strategies and proven practice intervention programs, teachers can help enhance a struggling adolescents' reading ability and, therefore, helps them to succeed in the literacy classroom. Reading is a strategic process; therefore struggling readers need to learn how to read directly, explicitly, and strategically. It is important that students take ownership for learning and application. When students internalize the process they will be more likely to use strategies in other literacy activities. It is the role of the teacher to provide instructional intervention programs and supportive strategies to struggling adolescent readers in and out of the literacy classroom.
Struggling adolescent readers need to be actively engaged and motivated in daily literacy activities if they are to be successful with reading. Direct/explicit instruction in reading that involves active reading is one way to enable them to actively comprehend what they read. As previously stated by Rupley et al., (2009) direct/explicit instruction is when the teacher provides new information to struggling adolescent readers through meaningful student-teacher interactions. Explanations are explicit, as

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