Teaching Styles : Teaching Style Essay

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Teaching Style
Teaching Style had been passed down centuries ago, the teaching styles evolves tremendously. Teacher centered learning is the old way of teaching where teachers are more in control and students’ ideas are denied. With this teaching style student cannot learn about himself, student will have low esteem and they do not have an effort to do things by their own. This style of teaching is the way Sister Aloysius teach. There is another teaching style which is effective, it is the student centered learning, that makes the student teach and interact with teacher. Teacher are more lenient and let the student give their opinion. Teacher roles is to be a mentor and check where they are strong. It makes the student more interested on the subject in class and they will have more fun while learning. With this learning style teacher and students are having fun and learning each other’s opinions. This style of teaching is the way Sister James or Father Flynn teach. Two teaching style has positive and negative effects to student, and this was used by Father Flynn, Sister James and Sister Aloysius. John Patrick Shanley was born the son of an Irish immigrant meatpacker and raised in the east Bronx, where he attended St. Anthony’s Grammar School, was expelled from Cardinal Spellman High School, and subsequently graduated from Thomas More Preparatory School in New Hampshire (Shanley 1466). This parable is based on his experience in life.
In the article “The Confessions of John…

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