Teaching The Developing Child Interconnected With Effective Application Of The Curriculum

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‘To what extent is a comprehensive understanding of teaching the developing child interconnected with effective application of the curriculum?’
This essay will investigate ‘Teaching the developing child’ and the ‘Curriculum’, as explored within the Teaching and Educational Contexts topic. Further analysis will aim to connect the aforementioned central ideas, and summarise the role of education and teaching in meeting diverse needs and supporting a student’s unique development. Consideration of influencing political factors, such as diversity, the curriculum, and the learning environment, will be discussed. This will, in turn, unite the key concepts of ‘Teaching in Australia’ and the ‘Effects on Teaching in Australia from a Globalised world.’
Teaching the Developing Child
In teaching the developing child, Marsh and colleagues (2014a) suggest an understanding of educational theories is foundational to effective and engaging learning: “…teachers need to understand and be able to apply principles of child development” (p. 18). Specifically, Piaget’s developmental stage theory is suggested as a guideline to shape engaging lesson plans and experiences (McCarty, 2016). For example, an understanding of cognitive stages of development will promote teaching designed to unique abilities and skillsets; thus promoting creativity, innovativeness, critical thinking and discovery in learning (Marsh, Clarke, & Pittaway, 2014a).
On the other hand, Marsh and colleagues (2014a)…

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