Teaching : The Theoretical Beliefs Essay

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“Learning is what you do when you don’t know what to do”, (Claxton, 1999, as cited in Fraser, 2012, p.22). However, as anybody knows, learning is not linear, nor do two people learn at the same pace in the same way and their learning never ends. That includes teachers. We bring our own life experiences to the classroom, involving philosophies about teaching alongside the theoretical beliefs. These beliefs have implications on how teachers view their role in the classroom, how they manage their classrooms, how they deliver curriculum content and assess students work. When I first began my teaching degree, I thought I was a behaviourism teacher all the way. Teach the good behaviour and the grades will follow.
However, as I have journeyed on, my philosophy has changed and I have learned that all of the learning theories interlink as no one theory explains all learning when teaching a child. I have come to realise that upon looking at my own pedagogy around the theoretical beliefs, that I lean more towards the humanism theory at the core of my theoretical circle. Humanism in the classroom teaches thinking and feelings skills and communication alongside respect for their needs and talents. According to Maslow, ‘children’s basic physical and psychological needs, (food, clothing, shelter, love and a sense of belonging) must be met before they can be motivated to learn’ (Maslow, 1968, as cited in Duchesne McMaugh, Bochner, & Krause, 2013). I am in favour of ‘teaching the whole…

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