The Best Styles Of Teaching Essay

1090 Words Jun 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Many teachers speculate what the best styles of teaching are. Each teacher’s style is unique as the individual that utilizes that style. Several key cornerstones of education have lasted through the centuries of modern education; one of the most prevalent is cooperative learning. From students who have taken their first steps coming to the United States, to those who have lived in the same American town for their whole lives, this type of learning is beneficial to all. Cooperative, collaborative learning has been one of the most effective tools in the teacher’s use to engage students in social development, build confidence in learned knowledge, foster attitudes that reflect empathy and teamwork, and promote critical thinking. The turn from obedience-driven classrooms to classrooms that invite individualism, collaboration, and positive teacher-student relationships have been making impressions on the new generation of students and graduates in the United States. Incorporating better styles of teaching and improvements are foundational to what the educational system is. “The teacher must become, in the eyes of students, a source of social reinforcers, a source of insight, and a desirable model to imitate, and these three together define what we should mean by a good teacher-student relationship (Scarlet, Ponet, Singh 2007, pg 54).” In the modern classroom, diversity is exceedingly more prevalent than it was in decades past. Teachers have learned that cooperative encounters…

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