Essay on The Boy Friend Which Was Directed By Susan Cato Chapman

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On October 24, 2015 I went to see the musical comedy, The Boy Friend which was directed by Susan Cato-Chapman. It was produced by the Fairmont State University Department of Theatre and Communication and Town and Gown Theatre. The musical comedy starts at Madame Dubonnet’s School for Young Ladies where the four main young girls and Polly are discussing Polly’s made-up boyfriend. The girls are excited for the upcoming Carnival Ball for which all of the girls, aside from Polly, have dates. Throughout the musical comedy Polly meets Tony who delivers her costume. They are attracted to one another so they agree to go to the Carnival Ball together. Before the play the audiences’ energy was very anxious. Many people were talking about numerous different subjects as most people had come with someone or in a group. Staff members were very calm and directing patrons to their proper seating. There were a few members in the audience that I noticed pointing to the stage, but I couldn’t hear what they were discussing. During the intermission, the audience seemed calmer and quieter. A few people got out of their seats to go into the hallways, but most stayed seated and seemed as though they were ready to see the next act. By the end of the performance, the audience seemed happy and excited. They cheered and laughed at the ending of the play and applauded the cast. I believe most everyone in the audience enjoyed the play as much as I did. During the curtain call some people began to make…

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