The Certificate Of Teaching And Training Adults Essay example

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Assessment and Evaluation is the final on-line course required to complete the certificate of Teaching and Training Adults. It involved learning methods of assessment and evaluation in order to determine if learning has been successful. I first thought that evaluations for adult learners aren’t important but I now realize that it is important to know if the content has been delivered successfully. Evidence of learning can only by determined through evaluation measures. Evaluation is not just for the learners it is just as important for course designers, directors and instructors so they can improve the instruction delivery. All the course participants were respectful of one another and everyone was able to add to forum conversations with relevant information. It was great to know how other learners put the information we have learned into practice. The online discussions revealed how much variation there are in teaching styles and grading. Through participating in the forums, I realize that there is no consistency on how to grade students. So much is still objective and dependant on individual teachers/instructors. I learned, from Fenwick and Parsons, how to align differences in grading by comparing scores with fellow markers. The course material was not overwhelming to read, which made it possible for self-directed further learning into specific areas of interest. I was able to learn more about the backwards classroom, double loop reflection and journaling.

I thought…

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