Essay on The City Mouse And The Suburban Mouse

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The simple fact to explore unknown regions can give us more knowledge and background of places and people than we can find in books or movies. However, we need to be open to the idea of getting out of our comfort zone in order to experience something new. The story about the “City Mouse and the Suburban Mouse”, who has a totally different lifestyle, and who also has a distinct personality managed to stay friends. The city mouse lost his opportunity to enjoy a peaceful time because he took his stay for granted by being completely unrealistic. Although he got what he was looking for in his trip, he still managed to complain about them. The suburbs and the city were a totally different place, which caused the mice to experience a cultural shock. However, the city mouse could not appreciate a single moment of his stay, because he got lost and found himself in an unfamiliar scenario. We can truly appreciate something if we don 't limit ourselves just because we are out of our comfort-zone.
The city mouse was upset because he was not familiar with the streets which resulted in him getting lost. As a result of this little incident, he was determinate to let his terrible mood ruined his entire stay. Only because he was uncomfortable with the structure of the street. He could not see that he’s friend went out of his way to accommodate him. His friend makes an awesome banquet, especially him: “… laying out a feast of macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, and even Jell-O salad.” Still…

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