The Concept Of Teaching And Teaching Essay

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The concept of teaching
It is Chinese custom and tradition to respect teaching and teacher. Teachers are confirmed high status in China, where there is a strong cultural emphasis on the importance of education. There are three inseparable steps in seeking of knowledge, learning, work processing (research) and discovery. Teaching plays an important role in the first step, that’s means, teaching is a crucial part in the knowledge development. It’s an opportunity to get feedback from the different ages or grades and makes the learning process to be a mutual activity. Getting ideas from different backgrounds may light an "aha moment" sparks in our mind. Teaching not only a good way to broadcast our thoughts and impart the knowledge, but also promote it, forces us to “ruminate” the knowledge, communicate our thoughts clearly and precisely. When we teaching, we can performed profound thinking according to our present understanding. Just as Chinese proverb said, tell me, I forget, show me, I remember, involve me, I understand.
The goal of teaching
1. Learning through the teaching
Teaching removes this possibility of self-deceit. I will be a TA in Introduction of Animal Science class in next semester. Since I don’t have any field work background, for me, teaching in that class is also a good way of learning. I take great interested in teaching, teaching assistantship give me a chance to get close to undergraduate students. I love to communicate with younger students because their…

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