The Effect Of Formative Assessments On Teaching And Learning Essay

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Formative assessments are critical to both teaching and learning. It helps to determine a student’s level of understanding and what discrepancies lie between the level of understanding and the targeted goal. With this knowledge, the teacher then can guide instruction to fill the gap of a student’s understanding or ability. Feedback is an important element in this process. It provides the student with the information of how their present level relates to the targeted goal and the necessary tools to move from that level toward achievement of the goal. When given correctly and with intention, feedback can also provide strategic ways for students to correct their errors and modify their thinking or behavior. The targeted goals should be clear and interpreted the same by both the teacher and learner and the feedback must be given in a timely manner so inaccuracies or misconceptions are not instilled and need to be unlearned. Timeliness is critical since this will allow for revisions to occur, provide scaffolding for learners and inform instruction (Akkuzu, 2011; Flukiger 2011 and Van Den Bergh, 2011). Wilian (2011) stresses that feedback could also be given too early thus curbing a student’s motivation to seek out the correct answer and stifling students’ willingness to work out a problem. When given effectively, feedback directs the students to what’s next rather than simply seeking a grade or confirmation from the teacher. Although providing feedback seems like common sense,…

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