The Importance Of Close Relations Have Enormous Influence On My Life

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Close Relations have Immense Influence I have had many different friends in my life. I’ve had positive and negative relationships. Friends that I grew apart from and others that ended because they decided they didn’t want to be friends anymore. All of my past relationships, good and bad, have shaped who I am today. Each of those relationships have shown or taught me a different lesson on life and about friendship. Every event that occurs in life has a purpose, though a lost friend, a rude comment or text, etc., may seem like the end of the world at the time, it will get better and in the long run you will be able to see its effect and why it may have happened. For that reason, all of the hurt, trials, and stress many relationships brought to my life was all worth it. It’s important to surround yourself with people that care and love you because, the effects of friendship are truly everlasting. For my 12th Birthday I had a party at my house with my closest friends at that time. It was October so it was starting to get chilly outside.I remember my friend Taylor coming over early and curling my hair with her straightener, going on a scavenger hunt, and playing pin the lips on Justin Bieber. Thinking back to this moment I remember feeling carefree and just happy to be with my friends celebrating an exciting event. These people used to be my best friends. I remember laughing and talking with some of these girls for hours over the phone. Looking at this picture I see a…

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