Essay on The Internship Is A Good Way For Practice Teaching

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Reflective Essay
The internship is a good way to practice teaching in a classroom setting. It can be challenging because of the requirements needed to comply and complete the program aside from managing a classroom. The knowledge I’ve gained from my seven years experience working as a Special Education Assistant has given me many insights on how to handle a class. Additionally, my training as a Behavior Therapist helps me manage the behavior issues of my students with disabilities.
Domain A: Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students
With regards to making subject matter comprehensible to students, I’m learning many strategies that combine SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) strategies and breaking the lessons into chunks. The district 's’ programs such as “Unique Learning System” creates my lesson plan. It’s very helpful since it has different levels. I consider myself strong in making sure that my students understand the lesson with questioning strategies and use of visual aids.
However, I still need to work on differentiating lessons tailored to my student’s different learning styles and cognitive levels. This planning stage will place additional demands on my limited my time, and I need to make sure I cover the entire concept. By June 2016, I will have my classroom full of visual aids for every lesson that I teach and include at least 3-5 examples of real life experience so my student can relate my lesson to this materials.

Domain B:…

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