Essay about The Mall: a Typical Teenager's Second Home

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The Mall: A Typical Teenager’s Second Home

At home, Simon suffers from a severe case of boredom that is mildly treated with countless days of sitting in front of the computer playing Lineage II. To further suppress the symptoms of boredom, he goes to the mall where there are a large variety of things to do. The mall is not only his way out of boredom. It is also his way away from the “homely” atmosphere. He suffers constant reminders from his mom to do his schoolwork. Whether it is studying or doing homework, he gets it all the time. Even after summer school, he continues to be reminded. When he is elsewhere, he does not get nagged at all. Sure, he gets nagged for other things but never homework. Perhaps it is the minute sense of
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Various family members may be involved in a heated argument that lingered in the air well after it is over. One’s parent might be plagued with serious problems such as gambling, alcohol, drugs, and others. It is normal for someone to dislike such an atmosphere and therefore, will leave for a better one. After all, it is easy to run from one’s problems. Friends are a different type of family, one where the family members can be chosen. A sense of belonging is associated when one is with their friends. The mall is one’s home; friends are their family. Everything that home cannot provide is at the mall. My brother, Simon, holds a grudge for the house at times. To him, the only thing mom seems to care about is schoolwork. Everything else falls on deaf ears. He would leave the house whenever he can whether it’s to go to the mall or to his friends’ house. The atmosphere at the mall is pleasant. The people there are almost always happy. Real families actually look like real families. Their children run towards Toys “R” Us whining for a certain toy. The wails of crying from babies are everywhere and their parents actually care. These scenes are endearing to someone who doesn’t have such a family. Going to the mall allows one to witness the functions of a real family as well as be with one’s own “family” to get away from the family at home.
The mall is an undeniably fun place to be for Simon. There are many things to do and it is hard to be bored there.

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