The North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Essays

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While reviewing the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, I developed my own ideas on how each standard would apply in my own classroom. The standards allowed me to understand how to run a classroom, in order to benefit my students. Each standard goes into detail how a teacher could incorporate them into their classroom. With that being said, they leave room for interpretation. This way each teacher who reads them is able to interpret and apply them to their classroom. All six standards are great and have value, but there are some characteristics that were left out. I will explain my interpretation and give examples for my classroom. However, I will add my own standards to the list. With the NC standards and my own, my students will have a well-rounded experience. First, let’s talk about the first two standards; teachers need to demonstrate leadership and teachers need to establish a respectful environment for all students. Leadership means that one leads by example, shows respects and motivates people to do their best. In my classroom, I will show leadership by having my students work in leadership roles. Each student will be a leader for the day, this way every student has the chance to lead their peers. Next, is to have a respectful environment for all students. This means not tolerating disrespect, such as talking back, no regulation for personal items or trashing their work areas. For example, showing my students how to obtain a clean classroom, show respect…

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