The Pattern Of Shopping : Paco Underhill Essay

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The Pattern of Shopping Paco Underhill is one of the most famous retail anthropologists who helps store managers by using his strategies. In the Science of Shopping, Malcolm Gladwell introduces Paco’s works and his ideas. Paco uses his strategies to help store owners, but Malcolm asks us “Should we be afraid of Paco Underhill?” Since Paco can manipulate people in a shopping mall, invade privacy, and analyze every shoppers’ move through his hidden camera, he could be a dangerous person. However, in my opinion, he isn’t a perilous and dangerous person because he cannot control and threaten customers by using hidden cameras. Moreover, his researches and works are really helpful to environmental psychology, study of the interplay between the individual and their surroundings. Malcolm is surprised that Paco gets information from his video and see every people’s movement and gesture. Paco usually uses hidden cameras to analyze shoppers. He has used the cameras since he got an idea from William Whyte, an urban anthropologist. When Paco gets a work, he and his workers install a few small cameras and trackers in the store. After he records and watches the video, he grasps critical information that could help Paco’s research and his customers. Also, while watching several videos, he gets ideas that could increase customers and profits amazingly. Paco has made several strategies that could help boost sales. In his first idea, store owners shouldn’t put any products such as shopping…

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