The Practice Of Nursing Shortage Essays

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The Evidence-Based Practice is one of the key components in the aspect of quality nursing care, in which bedside nurses, nursing educators, nursing leaders, and other medical professionals are actively involved. The data collected from quality of nursing care requires sound documentation. In this article, mentioned that, according to Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt p.3. 2005), “when healthcare providers know how to find, critically appraise, and use the best evidence, and when patients are confident that their healthcare providers are using evidence-based care, optimal outcomes are achieved for all”. The group of nurses identified the need for EBP on facts related to float nurses. Nursing shortage is one of the challenges faced by many healthcare settings, where the usage of float nurses is common. This hospital which has been undergone the research is 375 bedded with employees of 1500. The 49 per cent of nurses permanently employed and the rest of the coverage of nurses recruited under float pool of experienced nurses circulated through hospital as the need arises. They may be employed in other hospitals but on basis of seeking more finance or skills, enrolled as float to the other hospital. The scheduling is flexible for them according to the family circumstances with work timings and days. In order to provide safe delivery of healthcare, the presence of float nurses aided in patient care but cost effective. The goal of reducing float nurse utilization, the newly…

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