Essay about The Practice Of Teaching Adult Learners

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Andragogy, or the practices of teaching adult learners, incorporates many perspectives and ideas from research. Among these are six andragogical principles related to motivation of adult learning. When reflecting upon learning experiences, adults should also consider cognitive, personality, and prior knowledge differences that may exist in each scenario. The following personal learning experiences serve as illustrations of these six principles.
The Learner’s Need to Know
I am guilty of attending professional learning opportunities and seeing little to no point in being at the training or learning the material being presented. Several years ago, I was at a training session about an assessment system with which I was already familiar. Because I already knew about the assessments, I did not think I needed to be in attendance at the training. My opinion, however, quickly changed after the facilitator gave us a quiz about our knowledge of the assessment prior to the start of her presentation. The quiz asked questions about the administration and scoring procedures for the assessment. As the facilitator reviewed the correct answers, I realized I was not as knowledgeable about the assessment as I initially thought. This realization combined with the understanding that I was expected to utilize the assessments in my classroom underscored my need to know.
Self-directed Learning I appreciated the description of adult learners whose self-concepts have been…

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