Essay on The Reform Methods For Teaching Mathematics

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The reforms in mathematics education require teachers to teach in ways that many of them did not experience when learning mathematics in school or learning how to teach mathematics during their teacher preparation programs. The reform methods for teaching mathematics emphasize teaching mathematics for understanding rather than having students memorize rules or just use given procedures to solve tasks. Additionally, these instructional methods stress the use of open-ended tasks and real life situations, problem solving, and encouraging collaboration through small and whole group discussions (Boaler, 2002; Boaler, 2008; Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2010; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics., 2000). These reform approaches for teaching mathematics have been shown to improve student learning of mathematics (e.g., Boaler, 2008). However, for teachers to be successful in implementing these instructional methods, they require support to develop and appreciate the necessary cognitions needed for teaching. The Conference Board of Science and Mathematics emphasized that mathematics should not be based on rules and procedures, but instead should include ideas that make sense to the learners (Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, 2000). Teacher preparation programs, therefore, should ensure that their programs include more opportunities for their pre-service teachers to make sense of the procedures and rules in an effort to expand pre-service teachers…

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