The Reform Methods Of Teaching Essay

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The reform methods of teaching emphasize an inquiry approach instead of the didactic approaches most teachers experienced while learning mathematics in school. Inquiry methods for teaching incorporates problem solving, encouraging reasoning and proof, discourse in mathematics, connecting ideas, using appropriate representations, applying mathematics to real life situations, solving open-ended tasks, and group work (Boaler, 2002; CCSM, 2010; NCTM, 2000). In contrast, didactic approaches for teaching mathematics focus in teaching by telling (e.g., Boaler, 2002). Students taught through inquiry approaches for learning mathematics are more successful at applying what they have learned to novel situations, while didactic approaches to teaching and learning have been documented as not very effective for teaching mathematics for understanding (e.g., Boaler, 2002; Putnam, Heaton, Prawat, & Remillard, 1992).
Mathematics educators believe that if the teaching and learning of mathematics is to be improved globally, then there is a need to challenge the knowledge and beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics that pre-service or in-service teachers have (e.g., Borko & Putnam, 1996; CBMS, 2001; Feiman-Nemser, 2001). The modeling and analysis of desired practices while teaching pre-service and in-service teachers have been found to influence their views about teaching and learning mathematics (e.g., Bartell et al., 2012; Carpenter et al., 1989; Morris & Hiebert, 2009; Schram et al.,…

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