The Role Of Team Teaching Will Improve Student Achievement Essays

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Problem Statement The researcher will be teaching in a new district for the 2015-2015 academic school year. It has been told to the researcher that students who are low achieving in math have been struggling in science class as well. The purpose of this study is to determine if the use of team teaching will improve student achievement among seventh grade science students. The researcher currently does not know how big of a problem this is, but plans to collect baseline data before beginning research.
Context of Problem As a new employee to the district, the researcher was given little information besides being told by administration that they wanted to try a team teaching approach to improve student achievement in science. The researcher knows that the fourteen students who will be in the class next year all tested below grade level in math and/or science on standardized tests. Standardized test scores for this group of students ranged by being proficient from the fourth grade level to fifth grade level. All fourteen students passed their sixth grade science class, but school employees say that was due to the amount of extra credit the previous teacher offered to her students. The fourteen students represent approximately 28% of the seventh grade student body. There has been little intervention so far. The researcher spoke with other school employees and was told that the previous teacher did not have a lot of motivation to help improve student achievement…

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