The Standards For Social Work Practice Essay

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The NASW Standards for Social Work Practice in Child Welfare are the standards in which all child welfare social workers must abide by in practice (National Association of Social Workers, 2013). Standard one states that workers shall practice ethically by using the Code of Ethics to guide practice and self-regulate personal values and ethics when understanding practice. This standard will be essential in practice as if practice is unethical, the safety and wellbeing of children will be put in jeopardy. This standard’s practice contains a lot of grey area as in child welfare practice there are few scenarios that are black and white. A common ethical dilemma I have seen in my field placement is determining who the client is, the family or the child. When the child’s best interests contradict with the family’s best interests, it can be difficult to determine who the client is, but the child’s safety should also be the number one concern. While this standard is very important to practice, it is also the one that has a lot of gray area.
Standard two states that anyone practicing in a child welfare capacity must have the appropriate education from an accredited social work school. Workers must also have knowledge about current practice models and policies and procedures that guide practice. This affects my experience in child welfare practice as I would not be able to get a job in this field without the needed education. Throughout my career as a social worker I will need to…

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