The Teachings Of The Bible Essay example

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Essay #1
Catholicism is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ the teachings of Jesus Christ make up the bible which is the basic scripture of the religion. The bible consists of sixty six books that are God’s inspired and authoritative words. God chose people to write thorough so it is not just their words but also the words of God himself. For Christians the bible is the teachings of the lord the sacred words of God. The history of the bible is that Christianity is based off history what happened in Jesus’s life and how he lived and died this is a big part of the bible the stories or parables tell Jesus’ life growing up as an adult his miracles and death. Christians believe in one God that is the Creator of all things and that personally interacts with His creation. Christians believe that if one follows a set of rules to live one’s life by also known as the 10 commandments that one will not sin and go to heaven. Christians believe that only Jesus can be without sin they believe if you go to confession that the sin is erased and you can enjoy eternal salvation with God. They also believe in an opposing force called the Devil if you have sins when you die but they are not mortal you go to purgatory. If the sins are mortal then you go to Hell. Christians believe that the Devil is the fallen saint known as Lucifer is the opposing force of God. In scripture the Devil temps Adam and Eve to eat the Forbidden fruit and this causes the first sin called the Original sin. The Devil…

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