Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

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Unit 4 – Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning

1. Evaluate a range of learning and teaching strategies in lifelong learning. Within your answer you must cover the following giving examples: * An analysis of a range of learning and teaching strategies (minimum of 3) used in own specialism * An evaluation of the effectiveness of learning and teaching approaches in own specialist area in meeting needs of learners * An evaluation of inclusive learning

There are different styles of teaching, as each pupil will learn in a different style, these include visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners. These learners all need different ways of helping them to learn. For example a
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Within your answer you must cover the following giving examples: * An analysis of inclusive approaches to learning and teaching * An analysis of how to select resources to meet the needs of learners * An explanation of how to create assessment opportunities that meet the needs of learners * A review of how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills.

The main way to create an inclusive learning environment is by designing activities for learners that can be presented in different ways for different learners. For example in the instructor course each move has to be taught and broken down so it can be taught to new learners. This can be done by the tutor teaching the move and verbally and visually breaking it down and then allowing the learners to do this themselves to the group after having time to go through it on their own.
I always ensure I take a logically approach when teaching different people with different learning needs. I always try to my best abilities to involve everyone in each activity and try to pin point how each individual learns the best. All lessons and courses are taught in all different styles to ensure all participate and if I see one person struggling I will endeavor to change this activity so they can participate to the best of their abilities.
From my experience all lessons need to be taught differently, the more I get to know my pupil when

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