What I Learned From A World Of Counterfeits Essay

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The Struggle to Find Real Friends in a World of Counterfeits
I learned from a very young age that making friends was not going to be easy for me. My parents, originating from the modest, genuine Canadian countryside raised me in Miami, the superficial capital of the world. My definition of friendship did not align with most Miamian’s definitions, to say the least. By six years old I had realized the importance of making friends based on their personalities, while every other six year old had already been engrained with Miami’s morals and had made friends for shallow reasons such as money and looks. At one point, in high school, I even started to fall into the trap of superficiality, but thankfully I had amazing friends to guide me back to reality. Having true friends is such an important step in having a fulfilling life. Even in an artificial society there are “real” people, and it is critical to find those people, because without them, life is empty and meaningless. At two months old I met Ella, the girl that would end up being my best friend for life. She taught me what it meant to have a true friend; she always had my back and stayed with me through thick and thin. The picture below was taken at my 9th birthday party. The eight of us girls made up the entire female population of my fourth grade class, so, to be fair, I invited every girl in the class to my birthday party. Ella is pictured furthest left, and, the bodiless face shyly protruding next to her, is me. Till…

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