Who Is Young Adults? Essay example

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Personally, I believe that young adults can be both influenced by their families and their friends equally dependent on the personality of the one who is being influenced. Every young adults’ personalities varies, so those who influence them will vary. Family influences you more when you are home; however, they also influence you on the job, when you’re at school, and they also influence your friends. Friends influence you on whether you are going to participate in drugs, get drunk, who you date, and factors such as what you wear and how you style your hair. I say they both influence you when you look at the big picture, because they are both factors of your personality. First, I am going to talk about how a teenager’s family affects them. Your parents give you most qualities you have, and in saying this, not just your physical traits, but also your personality traits. For example, I not only have my mother’s looks, but I also have her calm mind when it comes to tough situations and when it comes to helping others. However, I also have my dad’s strong opinions and being a hard head. Your personality slightly originates from birth even though most of your personality is gained from experience. Psychologists have held “Adoptive studies” and found that an adopted child can vary from inheriting their personality by their biological mother, or their adoptive parents determined by how strong the environment they live in is or how strong their heredity is originated in their…

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