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Teaching through problem solving allows students to create meaning of the mathematical concept and use that meaning to make connections for harder concepts (Van De Walle, Karp, Bay- Williams, 2013). When students have control over the learning process, they can own their learning. Using a problem solving approach for mathematics will help students synthesize the concepts and demonstrate their thinking process. If, students can verbalize their thinking, they will have a better understanding of the process involved to solve mathematics. For this lesson, I presented my students with a problem about elapsed time. I wanted them to make connections to their prior knowledge, participate in a meaningful discussion, and learn from each other. …show more content…
Some students were asking their partners about their approaches to solve the problem. Others had a puzzled look on their faces. I encouraged them to read the question and think of a way to solve it. After reading the problem a few times, they started talking to partners about their ideas. Some of them talked about other situations that relate to the problem. For example, one student used a school analogy to help their partner understand the problem. “As they listen to other students’ ideas, they come to see the varied approaches in how mathematics can be solved, and see mathematics as something that they can do” (Van De Walle, Karp, Bay- Williams, 2013, p. 43). Once they made connections and discussed with partners a few of them used different ways to solve it. Most of them chose addition to solve their problem. They added the starting time of the first tour to the amount of time that the tour lasted to get the answer for the first question. Subsequently, they added that answer to the time of the second tour to answer the second question. Fortunately, other just created a time line to show the elapsed time. One student used a drawing of a clock to show her answer. I was glad to see several approaches to the problems. That showed me that they were able to make connections after they discussed with their partners.
“Through planning, teachers can anticipate likely students contributions, prepare responses that they might make to

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