Personal Experience: Microteaching Session Essay

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Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to express a thousand of gratitude to my beloved lecturer, M N Y for all of her hard work in imparting skills and delivering useful knowledge to my friends and I. The learning experience with her throughout the semester is very pleasing and fun. Regarding the assignment for the subject Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills in the Primary ESL Classroom we are required to produce a lesson plan as well as to conduct a Microteaching focusing on listening and speaking skills. During the process of completing this assignment, there are so many beneficial experiences that I have gained. Based on the microteaching conducted, I have identified some strengths and weaknesses that I can use to improvise my …show more content…
As stated earlier, we need to select the best lesson plan among the three of us which will be used for our micro teaching later on. As stated by Killen (2006), “the key of success is organisation, both before and during the lesson” (p. 132). Therefore, we organise our microteaching incisively by having a discussion in order to ensure the microteaching session will be perfect without any undesirable problems. After having some discussion, we have come into an agreement to choose Pramod’s lesson plan as our final selection. During the process of choosing the most suitable lesson plan, we are trying to be as critical as we can to make sure it is the rightest lesson plan selected. The rationale why we choose to carry out a micro teaching based on his lesson plan is because his lesson plan is the best among the three of us. His activities are fun and interesting. The most important factor is because all of his activities and materials suit the targeted learner which is year 3 KSSR students. One of the criteria to select materials is, they should match the cognitive and linguistic stages of the learners (Mishan & Chambers, 2010). Thus, to summarise the rationale of the selected lesson plan, it is the most suitable since the activity is interesting and the materials stated in the lesson plan are relevant for the age and the linguistic level of the learners.

During our micro teaching, I have select to present on the pre-listening stage while Pramod and Brendon present

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