Teaching is Not All About Subject Matter Essay

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The way teachers administer the teaching learning process will definitely be influenced by their belief of a particular teaching methodology. It has the same meaning with Gage’s (1964 as cited in Brown, 2001) statement that teachers’ understanding of how the learners learn will determine their philosophy of education, teaching style, approach, methods and classroom techniques. As a matter of fact, the teachers who belong to essentialists run the teaching process following four beliefs which one of them deals with the subject matter. Essentialists stand for the reinstatement of subject matter at the center of the educational process (Kneller, 1971). However, this paper presents the opposite viewpoint. Precisely, due to the attention span, …show more content…
Materials preparation will take some times because teachers are advised to mix play and learning in an atmosphere of cheerful and supportive harmony. The pedagogical implication is that teachers cannot ask the students to sit still in rows listening to the teachers preaching the teaching materials. On the contrary, teachers can attract students’ interest by preparing rich materials and changing activity every ten minutes.
Based on previous explanation about children attention span, in delivering the lesson focus, teachers are suggested to engage young learners in the classroom activities. Popp (2008) argues that elementary school educators, who integrate language learning and literature successfully throughout the curriculum, share a common belief that children learn best through active participation.
By engaging in the classroom activities, students not only know the language focus, but also get the opportunity to experience the language through the practice with peers in the classroom. It is in line with Vygotsky’s (cited in Cameron, 2001) theory emphasizing the place of social interaction where students are ready to learn new thing. The base of the theory says that young learners enter the Zone Proximal Development by being provided with scaffolding. In other words, teachers do not need to spoon-feed young

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