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  • The Founding Of The Constitution

    The Founders of the Constitution had in mind the creation of a powerful central government, but faced the quandary of reconciling economic inequality with political freedom, all while protecting private property. James Madison and his colleagues feared factions, both minority and majority. In order to prevent tyranny of the majority, and to convince the American people to support the Constitution, Madison proposed four ways to restrict and check the power of the Constitution through a federal system

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  • The Articles Of The Constitution

    The Constitution constituted several decades ago composed what is the United States today. After the Revolutionary War with Britain, the new country, America, was left to the hands of the people who fought with their lives for their freedoms and rights, and now it was up to them to devise them a new government. The pursue for an adequate government structure in this new born country thus begun. The process took about ten years but it was well worth it. During this process, two documents were instituted

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  • The Articles Of The Constitution

    Professor Amanda Martin Number 1 The Articles of the Confederation is the first constitution in united states which created the central government with limited powers. Under this law United States implemented a unicameral legislature which is known as the congress of confederation. This law protects people from the tyranny. Later it was replaced by the constitution in 1778.this article were the nation’s first effort at republican government but many political leader thought that it was too limited

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  • The Constitution And The Amendment

    Our Constitution was written 228 years ago. It was written after there was problems in our country with the Articles of Confederation. This was a hard time for our country because it was just a newborn. Our country was a toddler learning how to walk and our founding fathers took charge and came up with an incredible system that still works today. The Constitution is an almost sound proof document that can be fixed or amended if need be. If our values and beliefs change we can alter the amendments

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  • The Constitution Or Creating A New Constitution

    Hearing all these things about the ratifying the constitution or creating a new constitution from scratch really has my mind working. You have the federalist, the people for ratifying the constitution and no Bill of Rights and the Anti-federalist, the people for creating a whole new constitution and having a bill of rights. I have to say that is not much to go off of right there but there is a whole lot more when you go into depth, I am for the anti-federalist. Why, you may ask? Well, for one the

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  • An Essay on the Constitution

    easily ignored by the states. The Philadelphia convention of 1787 made radical changes in the national government by instituting a new constitution that while fixing the issues of the Articles also led to fighting between different groups, and by making compromises ultimately won ratification. Undoubtedly, decisive changes were made in creating the new constitution due to the issues created by the articles. First, the problem with passing laws was resolved by changing the necessary votes of at least

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  • The Constitution Of The Texas Constitution

    The Texas constitution is amended by a set of rules outlined in Article 17 of the Texas Constitution. First process is the proposals. The proposals must be initiated during a regular or special session of the legislature, and by two-thirds majority. 100 house members and 21 senate members must vote to submit the proposed changes to the voters. The Governor does not have the power to veto a proposed amendment. The next step is scheduling a date of the election of which the amendment will be voted

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  • The Articles Of The Constitution

    Confederation since the state constitutions were drafted. They were then sent to the states for ratification after the state constitutions were drafted, Virginia was the first to validate the Articles. The Articles of Confederation made sure the United States wasn 't known as a nation but instead a league of friendship. The Articles had many key features making it stand out. It made sure there wasn 't a central power controlling everything, instead of what the Constitution ratified in 1788. The Articles

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  • U.s. Constitution And The Constitution

    The U.S. Constitution was written in 1787, and has lasted with only twenty-seven Amendments made to it in the past 228 years; an amazing feat in within itself, considering that the first ten were made within the first five years of having the Constitution and two others cancel themselves out. Even though the Constitution is old, it still provides the framework for our legitimate government today. The reason the Constitution is able to evolve so well with society is because it is based off of six

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  • The Treaty Of The Constitution

    the basis of one singular goal: to ratify the constitution. However, as the Constitution was in the stages of ratification, two distinct groups, the federalists and the anti-federalists formed. One, the federalists, heavily favored the Constitution, arguing that its principles were the ideal base of forming a Country, while the anti-federalists believed that the new changes may threaten liberty. They were opposed to the ratification of the Constitution because they feared the national government would

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  • The Texas Constitution And The Constitution

    The Texas constitution was written in 1876 which was more than a century ago. During this time, Texas was still developing and is still growing today. The constitution has three limitations that can be considered in order for the constitution to be rewritten. Which include the length and organization, the bill of rights, and the legislative branch of the government. The constitution was written during the time when people had, the limitation of government powers, and limits on the legislatures branch

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  • The Articles Of The Constitution

    States Constitution. The framers wrote the Constitution in order to equally divide the governing powers between several administrative branches. This way, no branch holds too much power, and each branch holds checks and balances over the others. “By creating three branches of government, the delegates built a "check and balance" system into the Constitution. This system was built so that no one branch of our government could become too powerful.” (Center) The three articles of the constitution are divided

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  • The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    Ever since the creation of the United States Constitution, our founding fathers insisted on establishing rules and regulations for the branches of government to abide by. The Constitution is a crucial piece of legislation that is important to the welfare of our country’s government. The purpose of the Constitution is to ensure that each branch of government which is known as the legislative, judicial, and executive branches all have equal powers. However, each branch is designated to a series

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  • The Roman Constitution

    In times before Rome, many cultures had a common constitution, however, before the Roman constitution, a Greek historian named Polybius claimed these were flawed and too ‘simple’. According to Polybius these constitutions operated under one of four types, kingship, aristocracy, democracy, and mob rule. These constitutions with the formation of civilization, begin and with kingship and work their way down respectively and are cyclical, as Polybius would point out “Constitutional revolutions…change

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  • The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    and the rest of the framers of the Constitution sat in a hot and crowded room with closed curtains and windows, mapping out a new system that would become the basis for the entire United States and that would forever change history and the lives of all current and future Americans. A question to ask, however, would be; did these framers intend for the United States Constitution to become what it has today? Over the course of hundreds of years, the Constitution has been interpreted, applied, and altered

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  • The Success Of A Constitution

    “The success of a constitution is dependent on its ability to evolve.” Discuss. A constitution is a set of rules, which establish the duties, powers and functions of the various institution of government, which used by the government and the citizen of a country. Largely determine the success of the Constitution will remain strong state while keeping development to meet the needs of the country 's ability as a capacity for social change. The success of a Constitution may dependent on its ability

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  • The Amendment Of The Constitution

    in the Constitution is important to recognize because it represents liberty. Freedom for a state to maintain its independence amongst a nation of other states with different ideas, but all of them look for the same thing, freedom. The 17th Amendment was established to give citizens more power within the government by voting for people, senators, to represent their state. These senators have a responsibility to abide to the standards set forth onto them from the founders of the Constitution. The founders

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  • The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    Introduction The U.S Constitution, written in 1787 for an agricultural society now guides the political life of a massive urban society.(The Challenges of Democracy, 2014) This document was written by mass group of people seeking to revolute from British rules. This in turn is how Egypt came about independence from Britain in 1922. Just as the United States sought to start a new government free from British rules Egypt declared their independence by forming a constitution. (Egypt, 2014) This history

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  • The Articles Of The Constitution

    The Constitution is the framework of America and is one of the earliest documents in the nation 's history. Originally drafted as the Articles of Confederation the Constitution laid the groundwork for our government and the judicial system. The original articles were drafted in Philadelphia in 1777 but after disagreements between government and states ten years later in 1787 the constitutional convention was called for back in Philadelphia. This meeting was the birth of the Constitution. The Articles

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  • U.s. Constitution And Texas Constitution

    and Texas Constitution each contain executive, legislative, and judicial branches; however, these branches are not made up the same or they do not contain the same powers. Texas constitution is twice as long as the U.S. Constitution, has 475 amendments compared to the U.S. Constitution with 27 amendments (Ginsbert et al, 2013, p 811). The purpose of such a long constitution is to prevent the Texas government from gaining and controlling too much power over the Texans. The U.S. constitution was written

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  • The Treaty Of The Constitution

    After the ratification of the Constitution in 1787, the colonies were assumed to be united through common laws and the protection of the rights and liberties of American citizens. However, by the 1850s this document had begun to tear apart the Union it had been created to bring together. During this period of history, the issue of slavery was pulling the North and South farther apart. The North fought to contain slavery, in the interest of balancing power in the Senate and the Electoral College,

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  • Texas Constitution Vs. Oklahoma Constitution

    Texas constitution vs Oklahoma Constitution ​A constitution is a basic guideline for government or framework how people are governed. The Texas Constitution was adapted in 1876 and the Oklahoma Constitution was adapted in 1907. Both constitutions are very important tool on running the government in ordered way. The Texas constitution and Oklahoma constitution have many similarities and differences. ​One of the similarities between the Texas Constitution and Oklahoma constitution is that they both

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  • The Constitution And The Government

    What is the Constitution? The Constitution is a document that regulates the government and guarantees under The Bill of Rights the protection of the people. Without the protection of the Constitution, the people of the United States would find themselves in the same situation as illustrated by George Orwell in his novel 1984. 1984 describes Oceania, a society where the government, The Party, had total control over its citizens. In Oceania, the laws are made to hurt the people and protect the government

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  • The Framers Of The Constitution

    The framers of the Constitution were visionaries who sought to establish a limited representative government which not only restricted the powers of an existing government, but also safeguarded the rights of the minority through restricting majority rule. A republic, they believed, would be the only form of government in which the liberty of the people could be preserved. Greatly influenced by the 17th century British philosopher John Locke, who advocated for the protection of natural rights of man

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  • The Declaration Of The Constitution

    The Constitution is still relevant today because it was created as a framework which would provide guidance but not unnecessary restrictions without flexibility. The Constitution and its interpretation grows and changes with time allocating rights to the American people and a framework for its government as well as a process to ensure that it can be altered to provide what is needed to ensure a lawful and just democratic society. The masterpiece of the Constitution is within the Bill of Rights ensuring

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  • The Amendment Of The Constitution

    Ratified on September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution has long been heralded as a national treasure. After gaining independence, it represented the radical ideas allowing citizens the rights they were previously denied under British rule. However, as history progressed and the diversity of the United States expanded, the Constitution required adjustments. In total, twenty-seven amendments would be added to truly ensure civil rights to all. Of all the Amendments, the Bill of Rights symbolizes

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  • The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

    Amendment I of the United States Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances” (The Constitution of the United States Amendment 1.). While this amendment was established in order to ensure that people had the freedom to express their individual beliefs

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  • The American Constitution And The Constitution

    “If men were angels, there would be no need of government.” -James Madison. Unfortunately, because men are not perfect and rather flawed, our country has government, and more specifically, our Constitution. Americans have abided by the Constitution for over 200 years, and if not for the great thought, time, and compromise that the founders put into this document, America might not have been the same. When America arose as a new country, we first had the Articles of Confederation. However, these Articles

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  • The Texas Constitution And The Constitution

    There have been several calls to revamp the Texas Constitution. What has been the rationale for significant changes to the Texas constitution? Describe the attempts in the mid-1970s and in 1999 to change the constitution. Why did each attempt fail? The Texas Constitution, is a legal structure of the government which establishes its powers and authority as well as his limits of power. Texas legislature has proposed amendments to the state constitution every few years, for these amendments to take back

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  • The Constitution Of The Us Constitution

    1787, the year when the US Constitution was written. It is true that a lot of things have changed since that time, we now have ways to communicate face to face while being thousands of miles away. We can have hot meals ready in 3 minutes thanks to the microwave. Many things have changed in our society; society as a whole has become more innovative. But, with that change, one thing that has remained constant and effective, is the Constitution. With all of the new technology and potential situations

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  • The American Constitution

    Without separation of powers, tyranny and corruption would easily destroy a government. This foundation led to the basis of the American Constitution. Nature: When the American Constitution was created, there was a lot of critique about all the things that were lacking. A man named Publius wrote the Federalists in regards to what was lacking in the constitution. One of the most important was the preservation of liberty. Publius stated the preservation of liberty requires 3 separate powers in the

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  • The Articles Of The Constitution

    The Constitution was created for our liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness. The Articles of Confederation had some flaws that needed to be fixed by this new plan of government. Framers wanted the government to have a set of rules for the nation avoiding the abuse of power. In 1789, the United States Constitution was adopted creating a framework for a powerful national government that for more than 200 years has protected the nation’s interests and preserve national unity (Ginsberg, Benjamin

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  • The British Constitution

    the British constitution is. However, it is quite simply documented as ‘uncodified’ which refers to the fact that the constitution is made up of many rules and regulations that have been derived from several sources however they are not on a single legal document which is the case with other countries such as the USA or Germany. As Hillarie Bennett once stated “A written constitution is one contained within a single document or a series of documents.” [ ] Large parts of the UK constitution are in fact

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  • The Treaty Of The Constitution

    The United States constitution was signed and approved by the constitutional convention delegates in 1787, and it needed ratification from nine states as it is required in article VII of the constitution before it could be enforced. States that decided not to ratify the constitution will be considered a different country, and not part of the union. With this knowledge, the urge of the ratification led to a conflict among the delegates that resulted in numerous documents, essays, pamphlets, and articles

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  • The United States Constitution And The Constitution

    States Constitution has remained the world 's oldest living constitution. As I read through the preamble, it takes me back inside the National Archives,where I was studying monumental landmarks and artifacts three years ago. There stood, the United States Constitution in a glass compartment, eloquently representing “We the People of the United States.” Through all their efforts the framers established a Constitutional Republic-- a new government granted power by its citizens. “The Constitution works

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  • The Iroquois Constitution And The U.s. Constitution

    Iroquois Constitution and the U.S. Constitution correlate within the subjects of human equality, personal rights, and security of self and state. Both constitutions contained a leader within their constructed federal government that was in charge of a section of land. A democracy was constructed with a system of checks and balances. Each had representatives from singular nations or states. Although these representatives sometimes attempted to strip the people from their rights, the constitutions both

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  • The United States Constitution And The Constitution

    delegates from each state voted for the stronger document, the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution established laws, the national government, and guaranteed certain rights for each and every U.S. citizen. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. The United States Constitution was based on a bicameral legislature. Each delegate agreed on three branches called the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Also, the Constitution would have a checks and balance system and Bill of Rights, the first

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  • Texas State Constitution : The Texas Constitution

    Fernando Castillo Professor Ramirez Texas Government 25 April, 2015 Texas State Constitution The Texas Constitution is a strong document which defines the states powers and the rights of its people. It is the basis and prime document of Texas, adopted in 1876. The Texas legislature plays as important role when it comes to the constitution “the mission of the Texas Legislative Council is to provide professional, non-partition service and support to the Texas Legislative and legislative agencies”

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  • The Constitution And Its Creation

    The constitution and its creation It is so important to every American citizen to know and fully understand our country constitution and its establishment to recognize how we became a great country. The roots of the constitution goes all the way back to the American independence in 1776. It started with the Articles of Confederation in 1781, and it ended when the bill of rights was ratified in 1794. Let’s briefly discuss the American constitution and its great accomplishments. Starting from the

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  • The Constitution Vs. The Georgia Constitution

    The US Constitution is the document that embodies the fundamental laws and processes by which the United States of America governs itself. Each state within the US holds its own constitution and within each state’s constitution, the core values of the US constitution are present while each document varies in structure and in minor detail. In particular, the first and foremost contrast of the US constitution versus the Georgia constitution is that the US constitution has its Bill of Rights stated

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  • The Ratification Of The Constitution

    ratification of the Constitution in 1788 was a difficult nine-month contest fought in the thirteen individual states. The Constitution was ratified, but some reservations surfaced about its content. A critical minority, referred to as Anti-Federalists, insisted upon the addition of a bill of rights that would protect the rights of individual citizens, and demanded a new look at some of the Constitution’s specific provisions. Now When the Second Constitutional Convention wrote the Constitution in 1787, there

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  • Essay on Constitutions

    Constitution From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Constitution (disambiguation). A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.[1] These rules together make up, i.e.constitute, what the entity is. When these principles are written down into a single document or set of legal documents, those documents may be said to embody a writtenconstitution; if they are written down in a single comprehensive

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  • The Parliament And The Constitution

    statutes were narrowly interpreted by the court and other than that I do believe it otherwise. Section 75(v) of the Constitution confers a jurisdiction and not a right of action to the High Court (be it on the original or appellate) in any matter the power to grant all remedies necessary or appropriate to the exercise of that jurisdiction. On the other hand section 77 of the Constitution also empowers the Parliament to bring about the jurisdiction of any federal court exclusive of the jurisdiction

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  • U.s. Constitution And The United States Constitution

    someone in a political venue were to propose that we revamp the U.S. Constitution (as in completely reissue a new version), I’d likely just dismiss the idea as ludicrous. Too radical would be my first thought. Too burdensome would be my second. Except, when this issue was brought forward in our book, Losco and Baker’s AM GOV, I started to reconsider. In fact, one of our Founding Fathers made me take a second glance. “Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If

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  • The Flaws Of The Constitution

    The flaws in the constitution are not limited to intentional ambiguity and vagueness, for major issue can be found in chapter four, which despite not being included within the section marked specifically for listing the rights of Thai people, clearly limits the freedoms of the Thai people and must be addressed. Chapter four is entitled “Duties of the Thai People,” and delineates the relationship between the Thai people and the executive government. The first of these “duties” is listed under section

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  • American Constitution

    paper The significance of the fact that the Nevada Constitution is lengthier than the U.S. Constitution is insurance for the state. The Constitution assures the states of its problems and its issues. The Nevada Constitution was approved on the first Wednesday of September 1864. In the state of Nevada, the significant fact that lengthens our Constitution from the U.S. Constitution is the gaming Constitution. The gaming Constitution needs to be addressed when congress or any other political

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  • The Framers Of The Constitution

    The Framers of the Constitution failed to clarify the meaning of the word necessary and the word proper. Due to this flaw the Necessary and Proper Clause has been debated many times. Alexander Hamilton believed that the clause should be viewed broadly. While, Thomas Jefferson believed that the clause should be strictly interpreted. The Supreme Court favored Hamilton’s view in the case of McCulloch v. Maryland for the National Bank. Chief Justice John Marshall, Judge of McCulloch v. Maryland, warned

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  • The United States Constitution Vs. The Constitution

    what the United States Constitution stand for. The United States Constitution was created to allow every citizen freedom to pursue their goals and dreams, as well as make important decisions regarding the direction of their life. Nearly 300 years later, the United States still tries to follow the laws and rights granted by the Constitution. There are many individuals who abide and uplift the Constitution; however, others chose to neglect what was written in the Constitution. From illegal searches

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  • The Canadian Constitution And The Constitution

    Canadian Constitution was patriated by Pierre Trudeau’s federal government. Although Ontario and New Brunswick were supportive of patriating the Constitution, the other eight provinces decided to take a stand against Trudeau’s threat of unilateral action. The Premiers of those provinces formed the Gang of Eight and opposed Trudeau’s attempt to bring home the Constitution. On November 4, 1981 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau met with seven of the eight Premiers to negotiate patriating the Constitution, the

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  • The Writing Of The Constitution

    During the writing of the Constitution, there were a lot of disagreements on a lot of major issues. It was mainly between the north and the south, with their population sizes and on how the government should be ran. Those issues would affect how the President is elected, weather congress should elect, or the American people should elect. Also how the states would each be represented, by the population and if slaves counted towards the population. There was also the compromise on the trading of slaves

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